Massaging Insoles - footpainauthority
Massaging Insoles - footpainauthority
Massaging Insoles - footpainauthority
Massaging Insoles - footpainauthority
Massaging Insoles - footpainauthority

Massaging Insoles

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Working with Feet, Ankle, Knee, Hip & Back Pain?


In Summary:

  • Made in the USA
  • Best replacement warranty in the world for 2 full years
  • Machine-washable durability 
  • Therapeutic benefits of massage
  • Workplace and impact tested
  • Helps address foot problems to minimize pain
  • The thinnest insole on the market that fits every work shoe or boot, casual and dress 
  • Increases circulation with the science of reflexology to improve your general health


Cushion Your Feet

Our MASSAGING INSOLES provide a cushion to the entire bottom of the feet. Our MASSAGING INSOLES help considerably in the reduction of pain due to heel spurs, stone bruises, and pain suffered by individuals that spend long hours standing or walking on hard surfaces.

A Massage With Every Step

Our MASSAGING INSOLES offer a constant massage to the bottom of the feet. With each step, the glycerin is moved forward, and as the ball of the foot descends, it moves back to the heel of the foot. MASSAGING INSOLES work constantly to dissolve the deposits of uric acid crystals that form on the nerve clusters, thus reducing pain.

Increase Circulation and Reduce Fatigue

Our MASSAGING INSOLES also increase circulation. The viscosity of the PURE liquid glycerin slows down the movement to create a deeper massage action. Diabetics and pre-diabetics rave about our Massaging Insoles because of the benefits of increased circulation.

Absorbs Shock to the Knees and Lower Back

Many people “live” with ankle, knee, hip, and/or lower back pain. The liquid glycerin in our MASSAGING INSOLES “floats the foot” allowing even distribution of weight to reduce pressure and impact to the lower skeletal system.

Fatigue Reduction

Experience less fatigue from working long shifts or walking and standing on hard surfaces. Create built-in cushioning for the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. Enjoy a massage with every step you take.


Plantar Fasciitis

Is an inflammation of the connective tissue connecting the heel to the base of the toes. Our MASSAGING INSOLES are designed to contour to the foot to alleviate the pain most commonly associated with this irritation.

Morton’s Neuroma

Manifest itself as a burning pain in the ball of the foot that may cause numbness or tingle in the toes. Our MASSAGING INSOLES will lift and support the longitudinal arch, shifting the excessive weight from the metatarsal arch. This allows the metatarsal bones to settle back into proper alignment, no longer pinching the nerve associated with this condition.

Heel Spurs

Are painful bony growths that begin on the front of the heel bone and point toward the arch of the foot. Our MASSAGING INSOLES takes the excessive weight off the spur and cushions the area for instant relief. With continued use, the massage action reduces muscle soreness and dissipates the calcium buildup.

Knee, Hip, Lower Back Pain

Can be caused by improper spinal alignment. When your foot improperly settles into the longitudinal arch, your shinbone may become misaligned, causing discomfort in the knees, hips, and back. The customer found with continued use, MASSAGING INSOLES help to realign the foot and many of the problems caused by foot misalignment begin to improve and/ or disappear. Pinched nerves that caused numbness may no longer be pinched. Diabetics may experience an increase in circulation with proper stimulation and alignment.

When Your Feet Feel Good, Everything Else Feels Better!

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We use 100% PURE, plant-based liquid glycerin. This food-grade glycerin is non-toxic and FDA

Our unique replacement warranty protects against breakage of any kind, your fault or ours for TWO
YEARS from date of purchase. Even if you step on a nail, or the dog chews them, we will replace them
absolutely FREE.

The average life is 24-48 months, depending on the person. We guarantee them for two years. Washingthem weekly in cold water, (hand or machine) then air dry to prolong the life of the insoles.

Yes, our insoles are impact and sports tested.

Yes, they fit into dress, work or casual shoes, even flip flops or sandals.

Yes, the pass the ESD test and other workplace requirements.

The glycerin prevents freezing until @ -36 F.

No! It will actually keep your feet “cooler in summer” and “warmer in the winter”, similar to a car radiator, creating a thermal barrier. Cooling helps reduce inflammation and perspiration.

Our MASSAGING INSOLES should be placed on TOP of the orthotic. They will shape to the orthotic
so as not to distort the function and will make the orthotic more comfortable.